Best Fuel-Efficient Cars

If you drive a car to work every day then you have experienced the cost of maintaining a fuel tank. New technologies that safe on fuel have been used to produce more efficient cars. You might increase your savings if you consider getting one of the best fuel efficient cars. Here are some of the best fuel efficient cars.

Chevrolet Cruze Eco The car has a fuel economy of between 28 city and 42 highway mpg. This efficiency is achieved using a combined six-speed manual transmission system. The car offers adequate space and amenities like any midsized sedan. It is powered by a 138-horsepower engine.

It also has additional features which include mp3, six-speaker audio system, ten air bags and auxiliary jack, USB connectivity, Bluetooth technology, air conditioning, power window and door locks and 60/40 split-folding back seat.

Chevrolet Sonic Eco

The car has a slightly lower fuel economy compared to the Cruze Eco. Like the Cruze Eco, It is driven by a 138 horse power engine, 1.4 liter turbo charged and four cylinder engines. It has a fuel economy of up to 40 highway mpg costing about $13,735. Additional features of the Sonic Eco include stability control, 10 airbags, antilock brakes and an expansive interior with more rear seat area

Ford Fiesta SFE

Fiesta has a slightly higher fuel economy compared to the Eco. It has a fuel efficiency of 29 city and 40 highway mpg. It is powered by a 120-horsepower with a 1.6- liter, four-cylinder engine. It has features which include rear spoiler, underbody shields, side air deflectors, low-rolling resistance tires, lower grille blockers and cruise control.

Ford Focus SFE

Focus SFE has a fuel efficiency of 28 city and 40 highway mpg achieved with a six-speed Power shift programmed transmission system. SFE is modified with a wide range of new technologies Features of SFE include heated seats, push-button, and a hands-free system referred to as MyFord Touch characterized with voice-controlled traffic, information and directions.

Honda Civic HF

HF has a fuel efficiency of 29 city and 41 highway mpg. Most gasoline Civic HFs are motorized by a 140-horsepower, 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine. It reaches 29 city and 41 highway mpg when combined with a five-speed programmed transmission system. Increased efficiency is due to reduced rolling resistance and enhanced aerodynamics.

Hyundai Accent

Accent has a fuel efficiency of 30 city and 40 highway mpg. The 2012 model of Hyundai Accent is motorized by a new 138-horsepower, 1.6-liter gasoline. The Accent model with a manual transmission system has an improved fuel efficiency estimated at 18 percent. It may attain a fuel economy of 30 city and 40 highway mpg when provided with either a manual or automatic transmission.

Car Wrapping London – What’s Involved??

In relation to one of our earlier posts about selling your car, we also need to consider the relationship between the ability to sell your car and the value additional colours or wrapping services can bring to a car owner. In this article we shall be looking at the benefits of car wrapping in London

Wrapping a high end carCar wrapping has many benefits and for any person who owns a car it would be a great mischief not to think about wrapping. Wrapping ensures that a vehicle’s inner body is protected from contaminants, ultraviolet sun rays and weather conditions that would otherwise destroy paint working. Vehicle wraps also act as protective cover against minor damages that might be caused by small stones or rocks that might land on a vehicle body. At our auto workshop here in London, we consider ourselves to be the right professionals to consult anytime a vehicle owner needs a quality car wrap. We have worked on many car models and that reputation we have built is that the car wraps we provide are genuine and built to offer quality and elegance.

Quality Car Wrapping Approach

Before we apply a client’s preferred wrap, we remove all the door handles, lights, badges and trims for the car body so that we remain with a working surface which can enable us to deliver our best. We wrap any vehicle parts individually and the approach ensures that overall quality of our wrapping work gets to be awesome. We have had many clients coming to us for car wrapping services and the good thing is that all of them have always left our auto workshop satisfied. That is because we diligently understand what it takes to deliver quality car wrapping that can live up to the clients’ expectations.

At Car wrapping London, we have always made our clients happy

At our car working shop, our is to ensure that any car we are working on is fitted with the right wrap, superbly finished and given a brand new look that will always make it shine. Our expert staffs are persons who are very knowledgeable about cars, especially car wrapping. Clients can personally outline the kind of wrap they would love to see in their cars and our staff can come in to offer some technical advice so that clients have something to smile about in the end. By visiting our workshop for a car wrap, our clients are assured of saving money and time since our services are reasonably affordable and are accomplished within reasonable schedules. Our technical staff can also guide visiting clients on the right car wraps to pick from. For instance, depending on a client’s vehicle model or make, they can choose;

  • Vinyl wraps
  • Carbon wraps
  • Metal wraps, aluminium

The wraps come in different colours and are reworked to completely blend with any car they may be intended.

Car Wrapping London offers quick service delivery

Our car workshop is fitted with all the tools that can ensure that our car wrapping routines go on smoothly as planned. The professionals we have in our team are persons who are deeply passionate about car wrapping routines and always do try their best to deliver the impressions which clients are after. We offer car wrapping service to business and individuals and our pricing options are diverse to fit any person having any reasonable budget. Most importantly, our working schedules ensure that clients can pick their wrapped vehicles once they are ready without having to unreasonably wait for too long. That approach has seen us building partnerships with many clients since there is value to be seen in our car wrapping services here in London.

Uses and Functionality of the External PVC Displays

Industrial PrinterExternal PVC displays are an imperative part of the branding process. It is an indispensable utility to provide visibility to a temporary event, promotion or to a marketing campaign. There is a type of PVC banner called the building wrap, which wraps in entirety around the façade of the building, in order to transform the entire premises into a massive billboard. It is ideal to display in the center of the city or in the high traffic locations. The PVC outdoor displays are also perfect for the areas where there is a lot of wind. Normally the material used to create the display signs are perforated, in order to let the wind pass through it. The PVC displays usually warrant the calligraphy done on the display to be done in a high-quality ink to implement durability.

Advantages of PVC displays

Quality: The PVC displays manufactured are of premium quality. This is because they are made from the best quality vinyl. The companies offering the exterior PVC displays for sale, often create, hand finished perfect seams, reinforced eyelids and cut out pockets, for the clients who want to make a lasting impression and want their displays to last for a long time.

Digital print: The digital print quality on the external PVC displays is made using the flatbed printer. The flatbed printer is readily being adopted by the modern business these days. The flatbed printer allows printing on the rigid surfaces. This ensures that the prints do not have to mount separately on boards. Since there is no need for the vinyl prints to be mounted there are additional savings. The prints are edited and custom made according to the specificities of the client. The photographic quality if premium that ensures that there is no compromise on the designs of the banners.

Economical: Since there is no additional labor costs for mounted the printed vinyl, the external PVC displays are a highly cost effective option. There are so cost effective, that rolling out new prints and graphics for each of the new promotions and events will hardly pinch the pocket. In addition to increasing visibility of the event, it also increases the exposure of your company.

Versatile: The concept of the PVC wrap is highly innovative and versatile. It can be displayed upon fences, windbreaker poles, buildings, and multipurpose banner frames. They are easy to install and can be removed without expensive equipment or hassles at all. All marketers are following this current advertising trend.

Finding A Suitable Digital Printer

There are a number of ways that you can find a suitable digital sign printers for your printing needs, search on the internet using the main search engines: Google, Yahoo or Bing, or perhaps there might be local digital printing companies located in the local newspapers or Yellow Advertisers.

The Importance of Accountants for Contractors

For those who are thinking of becoming a contractor, choosing an accountant to look after the tax affairs should be included on your first tasks that must be accomplished. Though, the question is, is there really a need of accountants for contractors?

Although there isn’t really any legal obligation to do so, here are some of the reasons why accountants for contractors are important.

Minimise the Risks of Errors

Being a contractor, that means you’re liable for the mistakes typically made during the preparation of accounts. With the guidance of a professional to look after these accounts would give you the assurance that the risk of committing errors would be lessened. Furthermore, a contractor accountant usually cost between £55-£110 per month. Likewise, the monthly cost of fixed fee accounts hasn’t changed a lot because of the competition between suppliers. That said, typical fixed fee rates for hiring contractors are lower than how much small business accountants usually charge.

More Time for Other Things

Truth be told, it will take several hours to evaluate your account each month. With the help of an account, you’ll be able to enjoy that time doing other important tasks instead.

Also, if you’ll look after your own accounts, there will be a need to complete several financial tasks annually. This includes paying and calculating the income tax, NICs, corporation tax, and VAT liabilities. A tax savings specialist accountant would also help you realise if there is any excess in your annual fees. Due to the fact that he has access to the latest changes happening in tax legislation, he’ll have the capacity to advise you accordingly.

Tax Affair Enquiries

In cases where the HMRC has inquiries in your tax affairs, then the account would be the one to deal with them on your behalf. A lot of people don’t know the importance of this, but it comes very handy in the long run.

Other Options to Consider

Accounting XERO softwareThere’s plenty of accounting software available in the market– that’s why a lot of people think that managing your accounts has never been easier. Though, is it possible to compile and submit your annual company accounts through the use of this software? The answer is no.

An accountant would compile the company accounts as you take care of the rest of your tax affairs. Likewise, if you’ll ever have some questions or concerns that need clarifications, rest assured that a reliable accountant will enlighten your mind.

This is the main reason why a lot of contractors nowadays consider the use of an account. They’re very much aware that these professionals will make sure that their accounts are safe and up to date. A prime example of a qualified and experienced online accounting firm that provides their services for contractors is SME – Online Accountants.

What’s The Best Way To Sell My Car Online Today?

Selling a car can be a challenging process, especially if you are not doing it online. However, thanks to the online car selling options, you can expect to explore more offers and choose the best one. One of the advantages of selling car online is that you can opt to remove the dealer or middlemen from the selling process, which allows you to get a better bargain. Also, it allows a greater geographical reach for your advertisement to sell.

Online Car Buyers

To sell your car online, there are several options available. One of the options to sell your old car is to sell it directly to an online company that deals in used car market. A couple of examples of such companies include webuyanycar.com and www.thecarbuyingservice.co.uk. These websites typically provide valuation over the internet itself and they have collection points where cars can be dropped. The advantage of selling a car online to these companies is that the transaction can be quick and easy. The paperwork can also be finished quickly and with minimal hassle. However, with this arrangement you should not expect the best deal in the town for your car. The companies keep a significant margin to cover their margin and inventory cost. These companies typically provide some form of warranty to the buyer and for that they would build buffer in their margin itself.

The other option includes selling the car to used car dealers online. There are several portals that allow you to reach out to prospective buyers. On these portals, you may find dealers with whom dealing time can be quick, but it typically involves a round of inspection of the vehicle by the dealer before closing the deal. Selling to dealers should fetch you a better deal than selling to companies, however transaction time and hassle would be a bit more.

The third option is to sell the car privately, i.e. directly to the end user. This may be more time consuming process as the prospective buyer may take more time to evaluate and pay one or two visits to see the car. This process will may also involve haggling over the deal price. However, this will allow you to corner the best deal as no middle man will be involved in the process.

There is a host of portals, online, wherein you can explore the option to sell. To sell to an individual or a dealer, you may try out car selling portals that generally do not charge anything for you to post an advertisement.

Finally, it is an individual choice and need as to which path you would like to take, in order to sell your used car. However, whichever path one takes, they are certain to know that the internet is going to be the future and when they think to themselves ‘selling my car, it is the right time of year yet?”, the online route will be their option.

Fossil Fuel Dependency- A Thing of the Past

Dependency on Fossil Fuels has been a problem for quite some time It has cost planet Earth trillions of dollars, senseless wars rivalries between world leaders, and damage to the environment that could never be counted in dollars or time Renewable energy sources are the planets best shot at slowing the damage to the environment we have been causing for hundreds of years. According to the US department of energy, 400 quadrillion BTUs are what the world requires each year to stay up and running. BTUs are British Thermal Units, the units by which we measure the world’s energy demands. About eighty eight percent of the BTUs we use each year come from natural gas, coal, and oil. Oil is the major source being used, requiring a whopping forty one percent of those BTUs. Renewable energy sources may be the critical solution to a problem that is plaguing the planet we live on Renewable energy sources are broken down into many different types.

You may be mostly familiar with wind and solar power. Obviously harnessing these renewable energy sources would be very cost-effective. Once the correct equipment is put in position, these sources can be used for many years to come; feasibly as many as you can imagine. As you may know there are already cars being powered by renewable energy sources; a small but productive step to reducing and possibly eliminating our dependency on fossil fuels. Biomass, geothermal energy, and hydroelectric power are other examples of renewable energy sources. These sources are not as cost-friendly as the more simplified solar and wind power sources. It is possible however, that with more scientific research and trial and error scenarios, that these sources may turn out to be almost as effective as the more familiar renewable energy sources.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, over 70% of the energy being used in May 2015 was derived from petroleum products; less than 1% came from bio fuels and electricity. The U.S. Energy Information Administration is projecting that in 2016, over 9.9 quadrillion BTUs will come from renewable energy sources. While this still may be dramatically less than the 400 quadrillion BTUs that Earth requires each year; it’s a step in the right direction, and it could lead to the realization that renewable energy sources are on the rise. With the number of people becoming increasingly aware of the damage that is being done to our planet each year, renewable energy source projects may be on a full-fledge turnover with fossil fuels in the near future.