DirectFuel project context


News & updates:

Publications added: Kallio et al 2013; Allahverdiyeva et al 2013
DirectFuel meeting in June 2013 in Turku, Finland.

The sixth consortium meeting will be held in Freiburg, Germany, January 10 2014.

The DirectFuel project has the aim to develop photobiological systems for the production of volatile hydrocarbon fuels using only carbon dioxide, water and sunlight as the principal substrates.

To reach this target we will carry out:

(1) enzyme discovery and engineering
(2) targeted metabolic engineering of cyanobacteria and
(3) optimization and design of the production process.

The metabolic engineering objective is central in the project as it is expected to generate the key outcome: novel strains of cyanobacteria that produce the target compounds. In order to complete such metabolic engineering, however, genes encoding suitable enzymes may first need to be identified or modified. Finally, in order to capitalize on the expected outcome and move towards an evaluation of the potential for commercialization, we will initiate efforts aimed at (3a) optimization of the catalytic productivity once the target strains become available. In parallel with all of the above objectives we will also (3b) plan, design and evaluate technical systems for an eventual production process in order to tackle non-biological issues that ultimately may limit the ability to move towards commercialization.